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The Difference Between Session Replay Tools And Coview

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On the face of it, Session Replay sounds like a great tool. It’s like watching over a customer’s shoulder and seeing exactly what they do on your site. Session Replay providers claim that this is the best way to improve usability, capture qualitative data and catch any bugs as they happen…

But it’s not all roses

As you might have already sensed, there is a troubling side to session replay.

Think of it this way. How would you feel if your screen was being carefully watched and analysed right now – without your knowledge and consent. Every mouse movement, every keystroke, every click being recorded and then watched back by a team of analysts, marketers and designers – without you ever knowing.

At Coview we do things differently

We believe that customer support, when done right, creates real trust and connection between your brand and your customers. When customers trust you, they remain customers for life (and they’ll even tell their friends). So how would that customer feel if they find out you’ve been snooping on them?

Coview is very straight forward – when the customer comes across a problem, they simply click a button to take a screenshot or a screen recording, adding highlights, annotations and masking out any personal information if they need. Then they review their screen capture and only then do they send it as a support request.

There is no snooping – the customer knows exactly what they’re sending you with their full consent (meaning that we also fully comply with GDPR rules.)

Coview has superpowers (that session replay apps don’t)

And if there’s a bug or a technical issue involved, then coview really shines. Because along with the screen capture, coview automatically captures a wealth of technical information.

That includes a complete browser compatibility check (including any out of date plugins), a code-level look at the actions taken by the user with any errors that pop up (any Javascript errors are shown with their complete stack trace). Coview even includes a full network report, highlighting any performance issues there.

In comparison – along with all the privacy concerns, session replay tools are not particularly useful for support teams. Yes, they might capture bugs in action – but it would require your team to scan through many hundreds of hours of footage to find the issue.

Don’t let data collection scare away your customers

At Coview, our focus is not data collection. Our mission is to make SaaS customer support easy and effortless – both for the customer and the support team themselves. Any data collected is used solely for that purpose. We believe this is what creates trust and customer loyalty.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Coview, it couldn’t be simpler to get started. We even offer a completely free single user account. Just click here to get started.

Harry Obsessively exploring the depths of consumer psychology... Then writing about it.