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3 major improvements for your ​coview-Intercom​ integration

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Sometimes it takes living with your new partner for a few months before you finally realize that your ‘quirky’ approach to closet organization needs a bit of an upgrade. And so it is with our ​ coview Intercom app. ​ After extensive feedback and testing, we’ve made three substantial changes that we know your customers will love.

1. The new Intercom Home App

Many issues are obvious and can be identified immediately. So we’ve taken out the unnecessary step of having customers connect to an agent before sending their screen capture. This means issues are quicker and easier to report. Customer autonomy restored!

The new Home Widget is now available for you to display to your customers (and visitors – if you wish).

The coview Intercom app is the simplest, most direct way for your customers to show you exactly where they need your help. And with these updates we want to empower them to do that easier and with more control.

Customers can now send screen captures without connecting to a support agent first

2. Announcing the brand new review mode for customers

When we first came up with the idea to provide customers with an easy-to-use screen sharing app within Intercom, we assumed that customers don’t like complexity. So with coview, all they had to do was click on the screenshot or screen recording button and everything was automatically sent to a support agent. But user feedback is clear – by paring way down, we sacrificed clarity, autonomy and transparency for the sake of simplicity.

So with this release we’ve listened and improved things considerably.

With the new Review Mode, customers can:

  • Preview their screenshots and screen recordings before sending
  • Re-record or take better screenshots if they want
  • Highlight sections of the screenshot
  • Add on-screen comments
  • Mask out sensitive data
  • Add a written description
  • Send everything together as a single packet
Customers can now preview and edit their screen capture before sending

This means that customers feel reassured that they have properly illustrated and explained their issue. It also means that conversations are no longer cluttered with short back-and-forth messages and no more misuse of ​ notes ​ – which are meant for internal communication only.

3. User Interface enhancements that increase clarity

Our interface has had a bit of a redesign – making things clearer and more transparent in a few areas of the app:

  • New “How does it work?” link. Shown when a user clicks to capture their screen. This allows users to quickly learn the full feature-set of coview.
  • Buttons now show text instead of just icons. Icons might look smart, but text makes functions crystal clear.
  • Full access to screenshots and recordings in the conversation history.
    Customers can now easily review all the screen captures they sent and
    agents don’t see screens cluttering up their conversation notes.
Clear and transparent UI

The updated coview for Intercom app is now available in the Intercom app store. Register for free and give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve!

Harry Obsessively exploring the depths of consumer psychology... Then writing about it.