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How Excellent Support Experiences Transform Customers Into Fans

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I was sitting at the dinner table, enjoying a meal with my girlfriend when suddenly we hear a knock at the door.

It’s our neighbor. I could tell by his face that something is wrong. It turns out that his apartment, which is on the floor below ours, has a rapidly growing wet patch on the ceiling.

It took a bit of detective work, but eventually we discovered that the reason for the wet patch is a drip originating behind the wall of my shower.

Turns out that the expensive recessed shower unit that I bought some seven years ago had developed a fault.

I was furious. Not only had I spent a significantly large amount of money on a shower unit that I now couldn’t use, but it also caused issues for my neighbors!

Still fuming, I mentally rehearsed all the angry things I was going to say to the manufacturer over the phone.

But then something unexpected happened.

How did they manage to turn a sour customer experience into gold?

I called the customer care line of the manufacturer, expecting to get an answerphone – but a support agent picked up immediately. She was very disarming and extremely apologetic.

She told me that she’d organise an immediate courier delivery of a replacement for the faulty part and that although I was 2 years out of the warranty period and didn’t even have a proof of purchase, that the replacement will be completely free of charge.

Within 3 hours a motorbike courier was at our door with the replacement part. In another 20 minutes, I had the new part installed and the whole issue was behind us.

And the most interesting thing was that the very next week, when we decided to replace our kitchen tap – this company was the one we looked for!

This company managed to turn a very sour customer experience onto its head. The quality of their customer service changed my attitude from complete anger to not only a repeat purchase but also singing their praises to my friends.

And it seems my bathroom accessory manufacturers are not the only ones turning on to the benefits of exceptional customer care.

2020 – The year of Customer Experience

This year, when Adobe and Econsultancy conducted their annual “Digital Trends” report – they asked B2B firms what opportunities they’ll be focusing on in 2020. Their top answer was – not social media marketing, nor content marketing – not even on-trend data driven marketing – it was customer experience.

Customer Experience is the most exciting opportunity for 2020

Similarly, this Temkin customer experience research showed significant benefits of investing in improved customer support experience. They predicted that if larger SaaS companies invest significantly in customer experience, they can expect to double their revenue in 36 months.

But what if customer experience is not your top priority? Whatever the size of your business there are always endless projects and initiatives to keep on top of. Well unfortunately, according to Esteban Kolsky, the dangers of overlooking customer support experience is like a silent killer.

Unhappy customers rarely tell you they’re unhappy – but they do tell their friends

Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers ever leave a complaint… Meaning that you simply won’t know why your customers are leaving.

Worse still, Kolsky’s findings show that 13% of unhappy customers will complain to 15 or more of their friends or colleagues.

And conversely, 72% of happy customers will share their positive experiences with 6 or more of their friends or colleagues.

It’s clear that investing in excellent customer support experience is a solid strategy.

This is where Coview comes in.

Coview takes SaaS Customer Experience to the next level

For SaaS businesses, in particular, Coview offers a range of tools to transform customer experience in a simple and efficient way. From offering customers personalised task walkthroughs or new user onboarding sessions to helping them solve issues quickly and simply – Coview makes your customer feel like a VIP.

If your customers use any kind of web app, Coview can help. And it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Harry Obsessively exploring the depths of consumer psychology... Then writing about it.