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6 Stories by Harry

Why you’re probably measuring the wrong customer support metrics. (And which ones you should track instead)

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments where a friend or a customer support colleague reaches out to you with their palm...
4 min read

Elevating your customer onboarding experience

You’ve got them! They’ve discovered your product (no mean feat in itself!) and they’ve liked your landing page – enough to give out their...
5 min read

Announcing the end of our beta phase

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re finally moving out of Beta! We’ve been in Beta for over 1 year now – so we’re...
1 min read

The Difference Between Session Replay Tools And Coview

On the face of it, Session Replay sounds like a great tool. It’s like watching over a customer’s shoulder and seeing exactly what they...
1 min read

How Excellent Support Experiences Transform Customers Into Fans

I was sitting at the dinner table, enjoying a meal with my girlfriend when suddenly we hear a knock at the door. It’s our...
2 min read

3 major improvements for your ​coview-Intercom​ integration

Sometimes it takes living with your new partner for a few months before you finally realize that your ‘quirky’ approach to closet organization needs...
1 min read