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Announcing the end of our beta phase

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Coview End of Beta

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re finally moving out of Beta!

We’ve been in Beta for over 1 year now – so we’re particularly excited to reach this new milestone. As with any new technology, it certainly wasn’t smooth sailing. We’re extremely grateful to you – our amazing customers. Your feedback and support have made Coview what it is today.

In 2018, we started Coview with the aim of completely reimagining how screen-sharing should work in a customer support context. Like most people, we’d suffered through too many hours of conventional screen sharing – with its bad image quality, stability issues and dreadful lag times along with the ‘flat’ nature of streamed video.

A brand new way to screen-share

So we built coview from the ground up. Rather than using a conventional video stream of your customer’s screen, we created a technology to effectively ‘clone’ your customer’s web browser tab and record actions in real-time.

This new approach means that we not only solved all the issues of conventional screen sharing but with the extra code-level info available as a result, we also created a sophisticated error detection and debugging solution to boot.

This new version of Coview is now robust and stable. With your feedback, we’ve also greatly improved usability and added new features. And we couldn’t be happier to unveil Coview to the world!

Great things to come

But our work is certainly not over. Far from it. We’re hard at work integrating Coview with other popular customer support services – in fact, you can see our roadmap here. And of course, we’re always researching new features and improvements for Coview. So if you have some ideas on how we could improve, then please let us know! We love hearing from you!

Spread the word

Now that Coview is out of its beta phase, we’re on a mission to spread the word and transform the world of customer support for everyone. So if you have colleagues or friends offering an online service of any kind, please let them know about Coview. Your friends will be delighted with your discovery!

Harry Obsessively exploring the depths of consumer psychology... Then writing about it.